The Game

This game was developed in Java using the classes from the Traveller Tools Group code. This is publicly available to interested developers. That code base is the latest incarnation going back through Windows and DOS/Unix.

Although a passable trading game, there are many more areas that this could be developed in. The major blocks are covered in pages linked below.

The original concept was to have a game playable as almost any character career of the original books. Some design notes follow:

Scouts. A range of sensor packages were to be made available for your ship, purchasable from Scout Bases. With these you could conduct intrasystem surveys (looking at planets without being in orbit around them), orbital surveys, and ground surveys. You could conduct a short, medium, or long survey. When a survey was conducted a line item of zero size would be entered into your cargo hold representing the information. These information items could then be sold in a starport, for not very much, or to a Scout Base for considerably more. Payment is based on how out of the way the world is

With the addition ofGround Combat, hunting is also a possibility. Strange creatures may be found and captured. These are stored in the hold and sold on the open market or to a Scout Base.

Navy.With the addition ofShip Combat, missions would be possible to work against other ships. The Navy pays a bounty for captured pirate vessels and interesting equipment and cargo can be garnered. Of course, the line between pirate, and pirate hunter is a narrow one!

Army/Merc.With the addition ofGround Combat, missions would be possible where landing and takeover operations were possible. Crew could be hired, fired and suitable equipped to optimize such actions and the filling of Mercenary tickets.

Noble. Nobles adventure by visiting strange worlds. When on a world they can choose to send a postcard to either Mummy or Daddy. Postcards sent to Mummy should be from the most barren and desolate worlds possible. Horrified at where her poor child is she will send money so you don't have to go to such horrible places. Postcards sent to Daddy should be from wonderful, idilic worlds. Daddy will wish to invest in building resorts there and send you an appropriate finder's fee.

With the addition ofGround Combat, hunting is also a possibility. Creatures captured may be sent to your Aunt, who likes small, cute fuzzy creatures, or to your Uncle, who likes huge viscous trophies. They send you care packets accordingly.