Dean Files

The Traveller Adventure

The first edition of Traveller was unique in the gaming sphere of consciously supporting solitaire play. For the total devotee who wishes to play more often than a group can be found, or for those remote from any other players, it was an ideal way to experience and enjoy the game.

Recreating that style of gaming is a program here. You can choose to be a merchant trader. Or perhaps the life of the Scout attracts you. Maybe, after earning a bit of money, you want to arm up and become a pirate or pirate hunter. As a player you can choose your ship and attempt to make a living through your chosen trade.

The scope of the game design is wider than that, although those sections are incomplete. Details are covered in following pages.

Running the game:

To run the game you need to download one of the files listed here:

Unzip it into, say, your C:\Program Files directory and run ttgadv2.exe on Windows. (Not sure what you do on the Mac. Anyone give me a one-liner?) From the main screen select "Update".

On the next dialog select "Search for new features to install" and click "Next".

Check the "TTG Update Site" checkbox and click "Finish".

It will search the update site and return a number of selections. Select the "TTG Update Site" top level option and click "Next".

Read and accept the lisense agreement and click "Next".

Review the installation and click "Finish".

Verify each feature to be installed.
Then allow it to restart.

Your game is now up to date and you can start playing!

(Linux and Macintosh versions are available upon request.)