Spell Weaver

Have you ever wanted to cast spells?

I'm not talking about rolling dice in a RPG or throwing beanbags in a LARP. Nor am I talking about any Satanistic or New-Age representative ritual. I'm talking about waving your hands in the air making arcane gestures. Manipulating coruscating lines of energy into mystic runes of power. Cool, huh?

Well, we may have to wait for entertainment interfaces to improve a bit before we are there but I did receive some inspiration from the game Arena: The Elder Scrolls. When you went to fight someone in this game you hit a button to draw your sword. Instead of then hitting other buttons to wave it about in some abstract fashion you clicked on the screen and literally "dragged" the sword making various sword stokes and parries.

So I thought that along similar lines you could implement a spell casting "simulator" where your hand waving was replaced by mouse gestures. And so "SpellWeaver" was born.


SpellWeaver is an interactive spell casting simulator. You use the mouse to make gestures in the spell casting area. As you gesture trails of power nodes are left. There is an optimal distance for notes to be apart and they like angles of 60, 120 and 180 degrees. Glyphs will contort as you draw them trying to twist into a shape of optimal power. Once a recognised glyph is formed it will take on the colour of that rune and the energy bound in the nodes will start draining into that element of the spell.

You have 50 power nodes with which to cast your spell. These are indicated on the bottom of the screen along with a reset button to start over. As power drains into spell elements these will appear along the top of the screen. When all your nodes have been cast and all the runes drained the final spell can be read from the top. This is not a complete game and no actual effects are produced when a spell is cast. The interpretation of the result is left to the user.

Play around and discover the stable runes. Orientation does not matter but there are inherent differences between clockwise runes and counter clockwise runes.