(the opening text I read to a player who has just rolled up a Bughunter's character...)

As you gain awareness the first thing you can feel is a dull pressure against your chest. Over time you gain and lose consciousness in what appears to be a hospital. You must have fallen ill, or had an accident or something. Any complaints or requests you make are hushed. Eventually your are grouped with others and haze in and out of lectures presenting information. You would expect it to be some sort of rehabilitation but it seems more like instruction. Some times it all appears far off and distant, other times certain things jump into your minds that you "know" without having remembered where you learned them. In passing they suddenly catch a glimpse of yourself in a reflected surface. It is barely conceivable that it is you. You are tall, strong, muscular; with a physique you could only have dreamt of before. But the most shocking thing: you are young. Your attention becomes a bit more focused in your briefings.

"As biological clones of normal human beings, synthetic humans (or synners) look like normal human beings, albeit unusually well-muscled ones. Synthetic humans are, in effect, young, strong versions of their donors. Regardless of a donor's age, a synner begins life in a stage of development appropriate to the late teens or early twenties.

"Force grown in artificial wombs, developing synths are fed nutrients via their umbilical cord throughout the process, so after "decanting" they have navels, just as normal humans do. During their time in the vat, synths' minds are empty, kept in a state of dreamless sleep by electrical control, which also serves to stimulate muscle development, enhanced by chemical treatments through the umbilical. This chemical treatment is also designed to increase bone density and promote organ and skin toughness. Toward the end of the growing process, a special biocompatible plastic is injected in various locations of each synth's body, to further cushion vital organs and supplement the skeleton.

UTRPF "Finally, for purposes of clarity, synners are given an indelible mark upon their foreheads. This mark (invisible except under black light) is a stylised representation of the Earth and its moon, roughly five centimetres in diameter.

"Just prior to decanting, synths receive the mental recording of their donors' personality and memories. On occasion this recording is less than complete, and such synths will have amnesiac gaps in their memories. But most receive a full recording and feel as if they were the original personality, rather than a clone."