Who are We? 

That's one of man's eternal questions. Unfortunately, we can't really answer it. Instead, let us introduce ourselves.


Figures 1-3. Scooter Spankovich 

Scooter lives deep in the heart of Medford, MA, which is populated entirely by 2nd-generation Italians with impressive grape arbors and bathtub Madonnas in their yards. Dwelling with her is a terminally mellow cat, a turtle named Stella, 6 goldfish, and 3 housemates, who are each geeky in their own special way. Scooter, despite her former training as an archaeologist and a graphic designer, recently got fired from Harvard University and now is a Coffee Pouring Technician at Dunkin Donuts. Need anyone to babysit or do gardening? In her spare time, she makes mobiles out of trash, and dreams of being a crumhorn virtuoso.  She is considering becoming an electrician, auto mechanic,  EMT, rock star or 7-11 Cashier  someday. In the future, Scooter also plans to be a pirate off the Barbary Coast, have her band actually practice more than once every other week, and include more fondue in her diet. Her long term career goals are to pay the rent, and to find more Kraftwerk records. Scooter designed this site, and would like an ant farm for her birthday. Scooter can also irritate the world with her very own MP3 page! Her specialty is singing long, depressing Irish ballads. And, like every modern geek, she also has her very own boring web log!

Which OS are You?

The Evolution of Krustee LaBeef

Krustee is the only person in the world still gainfully employed at  a dot-com. Abandoning a promising career in photography, Krustee has forsaken the land of Aerosmith to live in Chinatown in NYC. Krustee has been a member of the bands Goidelica, Gotee Princess of Xee and Friends and Bindi Twin, and made that guy from They Might Be Giants a sandwich once. 


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