Rocco, My Pet Rock

Everyone else has entire websites, some even with their own domain names devoted to their pets. Why shouldn't I? My pet rock's name is Rocco, although sometimes we call it Rocky for short.

Here is a picture of Rocco sitting on a green piece of paper.

Rocco was born sometime ago deep underground, when layers of minerals were squished together over millions of years by geologic forces. I adopted it a few months ago, when I found it lying near the sidewalk where I work.

Here is Rocco hanging out by a potted plant. It likes to sit on index card files.

 Rocco spends most of its time as a decorative feature in my Lucky Bamboo plant. Being thought of as a "decorative object" can get to it sometimes, but since it's an inanimate object, Rocco  doesn't care too much.

Rocco doesn't have many hobbies, largely because it is not a sentient being (although this is not necessarily a deterrent). Sometimes, though, Rocco gets into extreme sports, like Stapler Taming.

Being a rock in today's world can be tough. Rock stereotyping is running rampant in today's society. Although it has no brain, or neural structure, Rocco is  especially conscious of people thinking of  rocks as being less than human. 

Being a rock can be lonely sometimes, so I like to get Rocco together with friends. Here is a good friend of Rocco's, Rockardo.

 Rocco doesn't always approve of being anthropomorphized, but in today's world, in the role of a Pet Rock, it is largely unavoidable. Rocco's stance on the matter is that we should love him who it is, an inanimate clump of minerals, not for what psychological traits we ascribe to it based on our own experience. I love it when Rocco thinks like this; it's so cute!

Rocco also is very good friends with the tape dispenser.