We like to make mix tapes. We like the tapes to be as diverse as possible, and to bridging normally cringeworthy genres. R. Kelly followed by Loretta Lynn? Most people would run from the room screaming. We like bizarre out-of-context juxtapositions like this. From Plastic Bertrand, the Belgian punk to Wayne Newton and the Fat Boys, we find music that's fun and bizarre. We've been raiding thrift stores and garage sales for funky vinyl for years now. Now we have an outlet for the madness! Carting crates and crates of LPs every time we move each year is not a futile gesture!

Here is a sampling of some of the artists that are favorites of the Cheese Wizard:
King Missile, Wayne Newton, Loretta Lynn, The Misfits, Lawrence Welk, Charo, The Dead Kennedys, Digital Underground, The Bloodhound Gang, R. Kelly, Alien Sex Fiend, Beck, Johnny Cash, Devo, Kraftwerk, the Thompson Twins, The Buzzcockz, Culture Club, Mae West, Carol Channing, Girls in the Nose, The Monkees, Sonic Youth...

So what are you waiting for?   Listen Already!!