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These images are from the bowels of the Internet. The internet is my personal landfill of bizarre random pictures just waiting to be taken out of context and foisted upon unsuspecting friends! 
ergonomic disorders, anyone? short and squat and found in a quarry... breakdance! ah, the 80s... Meat toaster, that funky toaster
For the harried typist in your life Baby got back Break out! Ah, the 80s... Ever get the urge to toast a steak?
chemistry pickin' up good vibrations nothin' sounds quite like an...8...0...8... the dangers of drinking and pet owning French fashion!
Let your sweetie know how good the chemistry is! What better way to say "I love You" than with the gift of a Hello Kitty vibrator? Let your sweetie know what beautiful (bangin') music you make together! Catnip is just a gateway drug French suit for fashionably dealing with attack dogs
Why don't YOU have any friends? Kraftwerk! Just call me Den Snurriga Ostkvinnan Ve haff vays of making your Tok! just say 'no'
IS this why YOU don't have any friends? Yo Soy el Operador Ham Flavored Cheese in a tube: the greatest Swedish invention since Abba. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want. This fashion statement is all the rage in Paris this year

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