In our daily lives, we are constantly bombarded with e-mails from well wishers who may or may not know us. Whether we are asked to sign a petition to make Peace in the Middle East, or to forward a plea to forward this e-mail to 20 bazillion unsuspecting souls so an anonymous benefactor will give little dying Suzi Cutekid a nickel for each e-mail. Some e-mails come in the form of poorly written poems, expressing sappy sentiments involving guardian angels, Tibetan monks, or wise cancer patients. All these messages have this in common: They are trite, impersonal, and you've probably gotten each one at least 5 times. After all, it only takes a second to hit "forward" and select the e-mail list "everyone I've ever received an e-mail from" and send happy thoughts on their merry way.

We here at think it's high time to retaliate! Cut and paste one of our Sparky e-mail Forwards, and send  to the all annoying people in your address book. I guarantee nobody will dare send you another poem about kittens in the World Trade Center!

Choose from our categories (made extra-special through use of plenty of useless line breaks etc.):

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