The Joys of the Discount Software Bin

I've been having way too much fun with this CD ROM I bought at TJ Maxx for $7. It's the Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover 2, Deluxe version. Who knew that giving makeovers could be so much fun? Perhaps I have a future in cosmetology! (or not)

Andrei the Rugged Ukrainian. Just when you thought the World was safe for Democracy!

I can't decide which looks scarier, Andrei in his SCA garb, or dolled up for a Flock of Seagulls Video (see left)! Actually, I have a fetish for men in kilts. Oops, I probably shouldn't reveal that.

My beloved kitty isn't always photogenic.

Look, some colored contacts and a perm, and she's a cover girl! And PETA can't even say a word! This is ALMOST as much fun as dressing her up for real...



Even Celebrities need MAKEOVERS!