T-Shirts are the new black!


Face it, T-shirts will never go out of style. My beautiful artwork was never in style to begin with, so there's no way it could ever be passť! A steal for only $15-$17!! (+ $4 for shipping if you live outside the Boston area or we can't figure out a time to exchange stuff)

Choose from 3 different styles:


permanent marker

As a former graphic design major, I have a zillion permanent markers in all different colors. The colors are brighter than the crayon designs, but they look more like... well... like someone drew on your shirt with markers.


iron-on letters

These mofos are expensive and mega time consuming to work with, hence the extra cost. You won't regret it!

Acrylic Paint
(not shown)

nice and shiny and colorful. I'm running out of paint, though, and it's kind of not-cheap, but SO worth the extra cost!

iron-on with crayons

Gives that faded "retro-hip" look.

Bonus: crayon writing is SO funky and ironic even! note: I have really nice handwriting when I try.

I will hand draw each picture, so when I'm rich and famous, you can sell it on whatever has replaced eBay in The Future for, like, at least 29 Space Credits! Because I'm drawing all this stuff, no two will look alike.

Stuff I can draw reasonably well: unicorns, cats, space scenes, rainbows, space aliens, underwater scenes, space ships (flying saucers and rockets), random monsters, most musical instruments, fish, birds, cars, most animals, animals playing musical instruments, weird killer flowers with or without fangs, dinosaurs, computers, some robots, most fruits and vegetables, and food in general.

Stuff I suck at drawing: portraits, cartoon characters, things that require perspective, logos, babies.

So, send me an email at xliontamer@yahoo.com and let me know the following things:

The prices are: 

$15 for a marker or crayon shirt (whatta bahgain!),   $16 for an acrylic paint shirt $17 for an iron-on letter shirt (such a deal!)
$18 for a shirt with both a drawing and iron-on letters (You should be so lucky!) $14 for a shirt with just writing on it, but done in either marker or crayon Add $4 for shipping, handling is free (unless you really want me to handle it specially, like with gloves,  tweezers or only with my feet or something. That's an extra 50 cents.)


Niamh accepts the following forms of payment:

Credit Cards PayPal Checks (any size-- they don't have to be huge, even though that looks cool.) Good old Kizzash. Always a good method if there's no shipping involved.

Remember, because I'm not technically savvy (read: too lazy to re-read my JavaScript book) to set up a slick form to handle all this information, just send me an email at xliontamer@yahoo.com with the above information. 

Thanks! Niamh thanks you too!!