Why Develop Voice Games?

Why Develop Voice Games?

Everybody loves games, right? Is it any wonder why games are a popular development option for any platform, including voice? But there are other reasons for people to focus on developing games for Voice.  Game development is an engaging purpose:

  • to invest time to build development skills,
  • to capture interest in portfolio pieces aimed at colleagues or friends,
  • to improve ROI since the emerging user base itself wants diversions, and
  • to explore the opportunities of a new platform, as gaming innovation is a tested approach towards popularizing specific technologies,

We at TsaTsaTzu subscribe to some of these reasons, but we were also driven to explore Voice as a new platform with very different limits.

You might not have realized, but audio apps have been around – in one form or another – since the first automated telephone response system. Voice prompting has a long (and mostly vilified) history where user experience is concerned. Trying to create a compelling Voice experience or just working out what could and could not be done has been a challenge.

Put another way, we’ve succeeded by delivering desperately-needed innovations.

People want to play games. So, by wrapping up our experiments in design and audio development in the form of a game, we gain easy access to experimental opportunities. By releasing new code disguised as games, we can see what works and what does not work. We gain valuable insight to use in our consultancy business and in the development of our own gaming properties.

So let’s amend the list above to include one more bullet point:

  • to test code written for mundane purposes as people will happily pound on code wrapped up in a game.
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