Voice Con 2020 Berlin

Voice Con 2020 Berlin

Voice Con 202 Berlin

Please join us for all the fantastic talks at VoiceCon 2020 this year. We’re looking forward to great sessions like Ralf Eggert’s Alexa, what’s next?, Dr. Christoph Esslinger’s The Age of Assistants – Will you add a new one?, Nara Kasbergen’s Empathy as a Service: Supporting Mental Health in the Tech Workplace and many, many more… We will do our best to keep up by leading the Wednesday morning session Making the Go/ No-Go Decision.

The conference is entirely virtual this year, which means that you can easily still register and attend. You can get register here through early December.

Voice Con 2020 December 9 – 11, 2020 Berlin local time (GMT +1)

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