Mobile Development

Mobile Development (Legacy Only)

For our existing mobile clients, we offer a variety of proprietary modular mobile applications for Android OS including SPACES, eVENTS, nameME, uSnapApps, and uTONES. Each platform was prototyped and generalized so as to produce a turnkey solution. In fact we pioneered rapid deployment technologies that allow us to roll custom out applications quickly, usually in a matter of hours, to market your products or services digitally across a selection of social networks.

Specifically, each platform is populated from a standalone, open-source database, which allows us to deliver custom applications for immediate distribution.  We use proprietary, data-driven platforms that allow rapid, incremental content changes without relying on expert coders. Our in-house software tests ensure accurate content upload and display. With APK generating software, we automated the rolling up of new applications in minutes for upload to the cloud. We also track your applications’ progress  across social media channels and oversee the placement of advertising in our own and other Smartphone applications.

For more on our applications, please visit the Android Market (aka Google Play).

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As our client, you would only need to assemble your content. We provide full technical support to turn the content into the applications. You have the choice of whether to use our  turnkey solutions or manage your applications in-house. Your team would need to download and be familiar with readily-available and/or opensource software packages like Excel, Word, ACCESS, OpenDoc, Google Docs, etc. We have automation tools that speed up the development time and monitor application quality.

The steps include:

  • Upload content (graphics, text, formulas, relationships)
  • Confirm content meets specifications (data types, data specs)
  • Generate the application (convert content to code)
  • Test the application (modeling, use case testing)
  • Upload the application (cloud, hosting)

You can learn more about our five modular mobile app platforms for Android through the following applications, which contain content solely owned by TsaTsaTzu. (They do not include applications released under license to or wholly owned by our clients.)

SPACES  An app platform to tell you where you need to go to get what you want

Green Spacunnamed3es: Boston




eVENTS  An application platform to track where you need to be at conferences

Lotufeatured image IT solutions 270x25sphere Scheduler

SUUSI Digital Catalog



NameME  Applications to stimulate and tease


Red Queen: The Game

Kanef Flash Cards

NameME: The Multicultural Name Generator

21 01BlackJack





uTones  Application platforms that tune instruments or turn any sound into an orchestra

unnamed10Wreath of Kahn




uSnapApps   An application platform to decorate photos with graphics, slogans or photo filters instantly

Cinco unnamed8de Mayo: Celebrate

uMom: Happy Mother’s Day

uDad: Happy Father’s Day

uYuri’s Night: Celebrating Yuri Gararin’s First Space Flight

uEarthDay: Help Save the Planet

uJuly4th: Celebrating Independence Day

The 99%: Fighting Income Inequity

uHeart: Happy Valentines Day

uBaby: Describing the Hazards of Parenting

UUJihad: Unitarian Universalist

uTowelDay: All Hail Douglas Adams

uIrish: Happy St Patrick’s Day

uFool: Happy April Fool’s Day

uOscar: For Oscar Wilde Fans

uSnark: the Fashion Ambush

uPirate: Talk Like A Pirate Day

uMayDay: Happy May Day

uBabyNom: The Baby Name Generator for Geeks

uBlessings: Get Blessed

uSlutWalk: No Means No and Yes Means Yes

uPride: Celebrate Gay Pride

SpiceNHot: Indian Food with a Twist