Voice Solutions

Our company focuses on developing software solutions that our clients’ customers find valuable. We currently develop for Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – more colloquially known as Amazon Echo and Google Home. We also maintain our clients’ investments in Android OS for mobile (legacy only).

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MOBILE (legacy only)

More generally, we deliver software solutions using readily-available and/or open source software packages like Excel, Word, ACCESS, OpenDoc, Google Docs, etc. All software solutions are built to provide the choice of whether to use our turnkey solutions or to manage the applications in-house.

As our client, you can trust that we will provide full technical support to turn your content into effective software solutions. We reason-test each project to ensure that our client will get good value on the investment. We research all the options – keeping in mind who will be using the solution – before putting together recommendations. We develop proprietary tools that speed up the time needed for software development and monitor application quality. We test the solutions in partnership with our clients and train them how best to benefit from their software solution.

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