Report: Voice Assistant Usage Rates Double By 2024

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Updated October 2020

Report: Voice Assistant Usage Rates Double By 2024

With the onset of the COVID lockdown in the United States and elsewhere, we are expecting consumers to spend more time at home alone with their devices. We’ve already documented an uptick in usage of our most popular Voice solutions. Juniper Research is now projecting voice usage to double in four years, from 4.2 billion (with a “b”) utterances per year now to 8.4 billion (again with a “b”) by 2024.

That’s a CAGR of nearly 19%.

We have clocked up nearly ten million utterances on our public Voice applications over the years. Most of those involve voice searches for information, products or services. We also (mostly) avoid the trap of being locked into a single platform, as our applications run on either Amazon Alexa’s 50 million unit installed devices or half billion Google Assistant enabled phones.

Straddling the two main Voice Assistant platforms means we are better able to address consumer demand for continuous access across all devices. Or more practically, we rely on users’ phones to be content conduits. It is easier to keep track of a single phone than to track a given user across rooms or geographies. Unless we see industry-wide agreement upon standards for a universal virtual voice assistant, we’re relying on software that works on either platform.


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