Juniper Report: Voice Development Opportunities

Juniper Report: Voice Development Opportunities

Today’s Juniper Research report makes mention of two big growth areas for software developers focusing on Voice Assistants. It suggests that the bulk of the growth will be in the area of TV connected devices. Half of all such connected devices are expected to be put to use by consumers over that time frame. Most of these manufacturers will lack the requisite Voice development experience in house. This trend represents an opportunity for independent developers.

The second growth area involves retailers and manufacturers efforts to make shopping for their products easier. Right now the retailers are rolling out applications on the two main platforms to ensure adequate market coverage. The manufacturers have a more difficult position if they would like to build a voice assistant into their devices. They have to choose a platform — commit to an ecosystem — far in advance of reaching markets. They are also limiting device interoperability as the platforms currently do not play nicely with each other.

Which platform should you invest in? Here is how Juniper describes their relative strengths:

  • Alexa is good at shopping.
  • Google Assistant specializes in knowledge.
  • Siri owns the iPhone.




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