A Series of Twelve Conversations with Women Entrepreneurs in Technology

Iris Stammberger, PhD, the Founder and CEO of TALBOK Consulting, is producing a series of twelve conversations with prominent women tech leaders in the Boston including ….. The overarching theme is Interconnected Minds, i.e. how innovative technology can amplify skills and enhance productivity. Each episode of the podcast highlights a tool that can help increase efficiency and improve the ability to manage the technological and social changes of today’s world. Here is the description from the podcast itself:

The podcast offers conversations with experts in different fields who share the tools that help them be more inventive, creative, productive, and effective. Our guests are entrepreneurs who challenge the status quo by using mind tools that allow them to take wiser risks, scientists who talk about the mind tools that help them make discoveries, engineers who talk about the tools that support the development of better and more efficient products, meditation practitioners who share the practices that lead to insight, and artists and poets raving about the tools that help them be creative.

In the fourth episode, Dr. Stammberger interviews Stacy Colella, TsaTsaTzu’s managing partner, about the Voice Assistant (VA) market and how an audio-only interface provides challenges and opportunities. They discuss specific ways that VAs could help knowledge workers enhance their expertise by providing access to relevant information or services on demand or new channels for direct and indirect communication or more options for brain training. Specifically, they reference sections from the category bestseller, Developing Amazon Alexa Games. You can hear the podcast in its entirety here.

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