Hands-Free Just Got A Bit Easier With Google Assistant

Hands-Free Just Got A Bit Easier With Google Assistant

In the latest step towards a “Hands Free” existance, Google has enabled users of Google Assistant to send and receive short audio clips. The idea is to record and send a quick voice note to friends or loved ones when typing a message would sap focus.

The release is currently limited to Google Assistant for English speakers, a sizeable fraction of the more than half billion users worldwide. Users simply say “Hey Google, send an audio message” to begin the process.

Google does limit users to sending messages to established Google contacts. It’s a nice an incentive to migrate your contacts to Google that may consequently confer some protections against spamming strangers. Not friends and family, though.

What do you think? How long will it be before we read headlines about someone inadvertently revealing an affair through an errant Google Assistant audio clip? How much will the new functionality further concerns about personal privacy and corporate stalking?

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