Are Your Voice Apps Thriving? You’re Not Alone

Are Your Voice Apps Thriving? You’re Not Alone

Lately we’ve seen a distinct uptick in Voice. Our apps are reporting increases in usage across the board. We’re fielding more requests for Voice development. Our current Voice development projects have accelerated as clients want to join the “hands-free” bandwagon. Smarthome conversions have taken on a renewed urgency.

In fact Voice is thriving in the Covid-19 lockdown because of fears of contagion. Everyday objects have become potential disease vectors: door handles, remote controls, light switches, keyboards, computer mice, etc. Even existing accommodations — like the control panel of a remote controlled door — are being reconsidered. In commercial as well as residential settings whatever can be made hands free is under consideration.

But besides the Smart Home/Internet of Things (IoT) boost, we’re also seeing effects stemming from people sheltering in place. More shopping is being done online and with Voice. More questions are being answered with Voice. More Voice applications are being tried out as tools to manage changing demands at work and at home.

It’s a good time to be in Voice.

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