TsaTsaTzu: #1 Alexa Developer!

The numbers are in, we’ve crunched them, and we’re #1! But these aren’t numbers you will see on Amazon’s pages. They’re pretty cagy with their statistics. However, independent developer dale3h regularly scrapes the data from alexa.amazon.com and posts them to his GitHub repository. We always like to keep track of where we are with respect to other developers so, with his latest dump, we did some calculations.

The question is how do you distinguish between a serious developer, a hobbyist, or an internally sponsored Amazon client? The primary statistic we were interested in was the number of skills produced. But when we just looked at that number, a company called SnoCountry came out with a whopping 440. No human can produce that number of skills, so clearly this company has an in with Amazon. Since we’re interested in a level-playing-field comparison, we had to find some characteristic that winnowed that out.

One thing we noticed that not one of their 440 skills had a review. That’s also a factor of many hobbyists, many of whom enter a narrow focus skill once a month to get, yet another, t-shirt from Amazon. So we decided to filter out all skills that had zero or one review. (Some people review their own skills, to try to game the system, since Amazon rank #1 even skills with only one 5-star review.) We didn’t get any more granular that this. Good reviews, bad reviews… if a skill motivated someone enough to comment at all, there must have been something about it of note.
With that filter, we were delighted to see TsaTsaTzu rise to the top of the chart! With 9 significant skills released.

Here are the top ten:

#1 TsaTsaTzu – 9 skills
#2 Drew Firment – 7 skills
#3 Rain Labs – 6 skills
#4 Matchbox mobile – 6 sills
#5 Nick Schwab – 5 skills
#6 Thomptronics – 5 skills
#7 Laynr – 5 skills
#8 Philosophical Creations – 5 skills
#9 Rai Integration Ltd – 5 skills
#10 worldengine – 5 skills

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