1. You're in love with your best friend's significant other. The course of action you take is: 

Kill your best friend.
Spread rumors that the friend is cheating, until they break up. Then make your move
sit alone and ponder oblivion. Life is cruel and unfair.
Still be friends with both of them, after all, good friends are hard to find.
Avoid both of them. 
Still hang out with them, but make no secret of the fact that if they ever break up, you'd step in.
Try to woo the significant other away with gifts and poetry.
Accept the situation, but be pissy about it.
kill them both.
Kill the S.O. If you can't have him/her, nobody should be able to.

2. You're stranded on a desert island. You end up hooking up with: 

the best looking castaway.
the smartest
the loosest
The most entertaining
Whoever says "yes" first
the one who's the biggest challenge to win
the one who will prove the most beneficial to your status
the funniest

3. Music of choice: 

Rap/Hip Hop
Classic Rock
pop tunes, lite rock
Marilyn Manson, The Smiths, or other dramatic, Black-clad angst rock.
Indie rock
techno, dance music
funk, soul

4. Smite one...

Carrot Top
Bill Gates
Britney Spears
yo mama
Rosie O'Donnell
Osama bin Laden
Kermit the Frog
 The Backstreet Boys, collectively
 I'm a pacifist.

5. Favorite Holiday:  

Passover, of course, I'm a Plague.
St. Paddy's Day, pass the green beer!
Valentine's Day, so I can simmer in my solitude. 
My birthday! I get presents!
Thanksgiving. So I can dis my family and have fun elsewhere.
Groundhog Day- I have no use for winter. 
Arbor Day
Memorial Day, I get to sleep in.
Christmas!!!! I love Christmas!  :o)
Valentine's Day, because it's such a special time for me and my sweetie.

6. Redecorate your room:

white walls, subtle colors.
bright colors everywhere.
shag carpeted walls and mood lighting
tasteful, expensive designer furnishings everywhere
spacious and sunny
dark, cozy, and cave-like
dark colors and/or patterns
lots of antiques and old-fashioned touches.
 Martha Stewart would die of jealousy.
 I like my room the way it is, thank you!

7. You have to kill someone. You would use which method?

Shoot him/her
plant a bomb in his or her car.
pay a hit man to do this for me.
suffocate him/her with a plastic bag. 
throw him/her off a bridge
Push him or her in front of a speeding train
inject him/her with drugs, and make it look like an overdose
stab him or her.

You'd rather be:

Playing soccer
watching Baseball on tv
At a football game
playing pool
playing with my computer
Skiing or snowboarding
on a tropical cruise sipping drinks with little umbrellas. 


stole this from The Daria Quiz, who took the code from the heepoo who took it from the Resolution Quiz who took it from the beetle quiz.