Storybook Cds: Get your kid (or mom or friend or whatever) a Cd of my stepdad reading them stories with their names in as the main character!

Unusual, Unique, and Creative Names: Tired of being Jennifer #4? Look here for some advice on different and interesting names (Scooter's other site). With fun toys!

Scooter Sings! Here's Scooter's MP3 page, devoted to singing depressing Irish ballads. 

Heartless Bitches International: Scooter is a bona fide Heartless Bitch. Make sure to see why being a Nice Guy is lame.

The Vera Little Media Project: One woman's quest for glamour through a journey of self-exploitation. 

CAP Alert: Your children may be under the influence of the homosexual agenda! Watch out for that Evil Walt Disney!

The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic: "We don't know, and we don't care." How could you resist a spiritual philosophy like this?

Focal an Lae Curse Generator Go n-aora cúnna ifrinn do chuid fo-éadaigh: May the hounds of hell satirize your underwear! Haven't you always had the need to generate curses in Irish Gaelic? 

Don't leave home without your Jesus Credit card.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: This site just rocks. 



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