There are many different varieties of Geek. Anyone who thinks all geeks are created equal is sorely mistaken! From pencil-neck geek to basic dork, to all-out dweebus, there is a broad spectrum of nerdosity. Find out who your homies really are with this soul-revealing quiz!

1. My preferred mode of dress:

stylish, I can afford some expensive stuff now.
long, flowing dresses or lots of velvet.
jeans and t-shirt with snappy slogan "no I will not fix your computer", "will code for food" or a computer company logo.
Nothing terribly unusual, but I add my own personal touch.
whatever mom/spouse/significant other gives me for my birthday.
Salvation Army chic.
always the latest trendy style!

2. My dream computer (at the moment) 

slick new iMac with an iPod, or a nice, slim, stylin' Gateway Laptop.
that one like my friend has.
I'll build a desktop with a 5 GHz processor and 512MB of  DDR PC2100 RAM
the latest model, but with space vistas airbrushed onto it.
I'm running a perfectly adequate web server on my 386.
a cool burnt-orange Amiga.
oh god, I can barely handle my pocket calculator; just give me one that's super user-friendly.

3. main qualifications?  

Been programming since I was 8. Need I say more? 
degree in computer science or engineering which is largely redundant since I started programming in the womb.
business degree of some sort.
I'm really hip to the latest styles and fashions.  
still a geeky student/high school/college degree in something other than science.
degree in arts or humanities; I code because I can.
degree in arts or humanities; I code because it pays better. 

4. I use my computer mostly for:
work/fun/programming. All the same.
e-mail, chatting, web surfing.
art projects.
everything; sustaining life.
writing novels, fanfiction.
updating my web site with pictures of me and my friends & family.
playing with gadgets (digital camera, MP3 player etc.) or keeping up with my investments.

5. I can't live without my:
Sinclair found at the local Goodwill.
brain. I have all the formulas I need right in my head!
workout time.
iPod, palm pilot.
large book/video tape collection.

6. Life's motto: 
My hovercraft is full of eels.
All the world's a stage.
Pride Is A Personal Commitment. It Is An Attitude That Separates Excellence From Mediocrity.
All your base are belong to us.
; )
I am the operator with my pocket calculator.
Life is like a box of chocolates.

7. On a typical Friday night, you:  
go out drinking and dancing.
catch up on some programming! 
go to a LAN party, or hang out with D&D buddies.
see a movie.
I know the pizza delivery number by heart or have it on speed dial.
eat out at a nice restaurant, maybe catch a show or concert. 
stay in and watch TV.

8. my first/next child will be named after: 
Steve Jobs or Michael Dell.
Linus Torvalds.
Beck or Moby.
Albert Einstein.
Stevie Nicks.
Phoebe on "Friends."
Michael Jordan.

9. In high school, I was/am: 
the brain.
a major force in my school's D&D scene.
weird and quiet.
a cheerleader/football player.
not terribly popular, but not unliked, either. 
definitely college-bound.
in my own clique of fellow geeks.

10. Favorite TV show: 
The Iron Chef.
Buffy or Xena.
Star Trek! 
The Simpsons.
I occasionally watch the News,  the Discovery channel, or PBS. 
Saturday Night Live.

11.If you had free time, you would most like to: 
stargaze, read science journals.
LARPs, D&D, SCA, write fan fiction.
go to a convention, LAN party, or tinker with my computer.
party, go yachting, play squash, or go to church.
catch up with friends or family, watch some tv .
gather egg cartons and tin foil and make a stage spaceship set for that cable-access sci-fi show you've been writing.
ski, snowboard, rollerblade.


I stole this from The Daria Quiz, who took the code from the heepoo who took it from the Resolution Quiz who took it from the beetle quiz.

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