My beloved little feline, Niamh (rhymes with 'steve'-- shut up, it's Irish!) has thyroid problems. Specifically, she suffers from hypothyroidism, which causes her thyroid to be constantly  working. It's all big and flabby from the amount of use it's been getting, and she's lost a ton of weight, because her metabolism is in overdrive (she was down to less than 3 lbs, now she's up to 7!) Eventually, she will need an operation, and until then, she has to be on a special diet of wicked expensive cat food, plus take all these meds that are costing me an arm, a leg, and several internal organs.

"But what can little old *I* do to extend the life of this poor pussy while helping my dear friend Scooter not go into any more debt?" you ask? The answer is simple! 

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