Solstation is the most successful project I've been on. An internet friend, Ben Lin, and I teamed up to create a site devoted to near-earth stars. He is the main data-jockey, I'm the visualization jockey. He came up with databases of nearby stars, I came up with a funky control for visualizing them.

Right click and "swirl" the mouse to rotate the view.

It continues to be a popular site and receives lots of hits. We're on the reading material list for an astronomy course in CalTech. We get regular enquires from people who want to use the visual control for other things. We make the source code is available to people on request and a small user's guide is featured on the site.

Major Features The site contains information on near earth stars, and news on the current search for planets around those stars. There are numerous visualizations to allow you to view the local group, binary systems, and other gravitation objects discovered. There is a comprehensive list of links to other places for similar information.

Technologies Used The site is mainly built with hand-edited HTML pages. Java applets are used for the visualizations.