June '98 - December '99

Principal Software Developer

Due to an internal restructuring of Lotus the automation group was redeployed. The International Products division has mainly been responsible for localization of the Lotus product offerings. Recently, however, they have begun actual product development themselves. First with Domino Global Workbench, an application to localize Notes databases. The second major product in their line is the Domino Translation Object, and I was chosen the lead the effort.

Software the converts between languages in known as Machine Translation (MT). It has been around for many years at various levels of quality. It was determined it had gotten good enough that Lotus considers it deployable at a commercial level and so this product was created.

The Domion Translation Object was a Java and LotusScript API that enables Notes Application Developers (and other Java programmers) to access Machine Translation in a consistent and reliable way. All the different MT vendors each have their own API. They also vary considerably in linguistic quality and language pair coverage. Before the DTO developers had to either write to a single vendor's API or else duplicate much of their code to support multiple vendors. With the DTO application engineers can code independent of the underlying MT engines. If there is a business requirement to use multiple vendors, then they can do so seamlessly and effortlessly.

Additionally the DTO provided a layer of scalability, for anything between local and enterprise wide solutions, redundancy, failover, and load sharing.