Some of my Interests:

  • I make garb. More to get people in garb rather than anything else. Consequently it is fairly industrial. I can follow patterns but possess very little ability to improvise. My crowning achievement, so far, has been a 14th Century fitted Norman gown, under tunic, and cloak. I'd like to try Cavalier but I need to find where I can get patterns.
  • I embroider. So far only cross stitch, which isn't that different from computer graphics! However I'd like to do some more ambitious when I get the time.
  • I make pathetic armor. My goal in armoring is to get people on the field safely and cheaply. My motto: "It may be pathetic, but it's free!". A tabard covers a wealth of evil. The more pathetic armor I make for others the more encouragement it is for them to go out and get a real set! I'm always keen to pick up basic armoring patterns (particularly plastic) from anyone.
  • Heraldry. I enjoy court and field heraldry immensely. I find armorial heraldry interesting but I need to learn a lot more before I'm much use.
  • Literature/Filk. "Filk" is generally considered to be modern tunes that people have rewritten the words too, often humerous. For example "Under the Shield Wall" to the tune of "Under the Boardwald". Filk has its place in the SCA, but I'm not a big proponent of it. A similar activity I do engage in is the equivalent process, but with literary works. For example "Shall I compare thee to a summer squash?" after the fashion of Shakespere's "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"