Some of my Accomplishments:

  • I was a founding Seneschal of the Shire of Lough Devnaree, both times.
  • I've held the posts of Seneschal, Minister of Arts & Sciences, Marshal, and Chronicler within my Shire, and Regional Seneschal.
  • I am a Pelican by Vanna and Elffin II, have a Linquist Ring by Elffin I and an Award of Arms by Myles & Katharina.
  • I'm an authorised fighter and marshal in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.
  • My name and arms are registered.
  • I've been Black Dragon Guard to Elffin O'Mona I, and Michael de Lacy. I was also Michael's Warlord for Pennsic and made much mischief. I was Captain of the Black Dragon Guard to King Elffin O'Mona II.