To the most high and mighty lord,
The Scribers of this Tomb wish Grace, Mercy and Peace.

Great and Manifold were the blessings, most dread lord, which Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, bestowed upon us the people of Lough Devnaree, when first he sent Your Lordship's Person to the shores of the Lake of the King's Ox.

There are infinite arguments of the dutiful and loyal affections of Your Lordship; but none is more forcible to declare the long and glorious history of the Region to others than the vehement and perpetuated desire of accomplishing and publishing of this work, which now, with all humility, we present unto Your Lordship. For when Your Lordship had once, out of deep judgement, apprehended how convenient it was, that, out of the Original sacred Chronicles, together with comparing of the labours of many worthy gentles who went before us, there should be a grand compilation of the Great History of Lough Devnaree; Your Lordship did never desist to urge and to excite those to whom it was commended, that the Work might be hastened, and that the business might be expedited in so decent a manner, as a matter of such importance might justly require.

And now at last, by the mercy of God, and the continuance of our labours, it being brought unto such a conclusion, as that we have great hopes that the people of Lough Devnaree shall reap good fruit thereby, we hold it our duty to offer it to Your Lordship, not only as the commissioner, but as to the principal mover and author of the work; humbly craving of your most kind Lordship, that, since things of this quality have ever been subject to the censures of ill-meaning and discontented persons, it may receive approbation and patronage from so learned and judicious a Gentle as Your Lordship is; whose allowance and acceptance of our labours shall more honour and encourage us, than all the calumniations and hard interpretations of others shall dismay us.

The Lord of heaven and earth bless Your Lordship with many and happy days: that, as his heavenly hand hath enriched Your Lordship with many singular and extraordinary graces, so You may be the wonder of the world in this latter age for happiness and true felicity!


The above is based on the Introduction and Dedication to the King James Bible.