Collace Retribution Class Light Cruiser (Military Starship)

The Retribution class light cruiser is one of four standard designs produced for the Collace Independence Fleet prior to the Fifth Frontier War. Like the others, every effort was made to make these vessels easy to assemble, and over a hundred were in service by the outbreak of the war. A small group of these cruisers, along with one Freedom class battlecruiser escaped from the final battle at Collace where they had been stationed throughout the war, and were eventually sold to an Aslan clan navy in the Trojan Reach sector. These ships participated in the attack on Glisten in 1119, twelve years after their sisters.

CraftID: Retribution Class Light Cruiser, TL13, MCr16220
Hull: 27000/67500, Disp=30000, Config=4SL, Armor=40F, Unloaded=382000t, Loaded=400000t
Power: 3047/6094, Fusion=411300MW, Dur=21 days
Loco: 810/1620, Jump=2, 1350/2700, Maneuver=2 (Thrusters=975kt), TrueAcc=2.4G, MaxSpeed=1000kph, Cruise=750kph, Agility=2
Comm: Radio=System*3, LaserComm=System*3, MaserComm=System*3
Sensors: EMS Active(Far Orbit)*3, EMS Jammer(Far Orbit)*3, EMS Passive(Interstellar)*3, High Pen Densitometer(100m)*3, Neutrino Sensor(100kw)*3, ActObjScan=Routine, ActObjPin=Routine, PassObjScan=Diff, PassObjPin=Diff, PassEnScan=Routine, PassEnPin=Difficult
           ParticleAccelerator=R00   Missile=x90
          Batteries            1              24
          Bearing              1              22
DefDm+8, NuclearDamper-3, MesonScreen-3
          Batteries        2
          Bearing          2
Control: Computer Mod7fib*3, LargeHoloDisplay*4, HeadsUpHoloDisplay*130, HoloLink*90
Accom: Crew=155 (13 command, 15 bridge, 65 engineer, 58 gunnery, 2 maintenance, 2 medical), Staterooms=78, Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, grav plates, inertial comp
Other: Fuel=177477kl, Cargo=0, Missile Magazine=12000kl (100 battery rounds), Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purifier (12hrs), ObjSize=Large, EmLevel=Strong Notes: Fuel Consumption at full power 228.5kl/hr, at 33% power (full maneuver and life support) 76.2kl/hr, 60750kl per Jump-2

Author: R.S.Dean