IGN Aganar Class "Light Cruiser" (Military Starship)

The first Aganar class light cruiser was built by the Imperial Glisten Navy in 997. The last of the sixty vessels was commissioned in 1029. The ships are named for famous battles of history. At the outbreak of the Fifth Frontier War, the Aganars were the oldest class of vessels still in service with the IGN, and were committed to action immediately as one of the few meson gun carrier classes in use. Merely the technological equals of their opponents in the Collace Independence Fleet, and heavily outnumbered at every encounter due to the vagaries of their pre-war deployment, the Aganar squadrons were virtually annihilated in the opening weeks of the war. Between combat losses and the destruction of a number of damaged ships under repair during the brief Collace occupation of Glisten, only a single ship out of the sixty, the IGNS Alesia, survived through the end of the war. The Alesia was reclassified as a fleet escort during the fleet reorganization of 1112, and was still in service as a training vessel

as of 1118.

Short duration was a major problem of the class--immediate refueling upon entering a system was a necessity, but was considered an acceptable trade-off in return for the meson gun mounted on such a comparatively small hull.

CraftID: Aganar Class Light Cruiser, TL13, MCr9460
Hull: 7200/18000, Disp=8000, Config=1SL, Armor=52F, Unloaded=190700t, Loaded=194131t
Power: 1840/3680, Fusion=248400MW, Dur=13.6 days at 21% power
Loco: 288/576, Jump=3, 576/1152, Maneuver=3 (Thrusters=416kt), TrueAcc=2.14G, MaxSpeed=1000kph, Cruise=750kph, Agility=2
Comm: Radio=System*3, LaserComm=System*3, MaserComm=System*3
Sensors: EMS Active(Far Orbit)*3, EMS Jammer(Far Orbit)*3, EMS Passive(Interstellar)*3, High Pen Densitometer(100m)*3, Neutrino Sensor(100kw)*3, ActObjScan=Routine, ActObjPin=Routine, PassObjScan=Diff, PassObjPin=Diff, PassEnScan=Routine, PassEnPin=Difficult
           MesonGun=E0x   Missile=x90   BeamLaser=xx9
          Batteries 1              5                1
          Bearing   1              5                1
DefDm+9, NuclearDamper-3, MesonScreen-3
          Batteries        2
          Bearing          2
Control: Computer Mod7fib*3, LargeHoloDisplay*2, HeadsUpHoloDisplay*70, HoloLink*1200
Accom: Crew=122 (12 command, 13 bridge, 34 engineer, 54 gunnery, 6 Maintenance, 2 medical), Staterooms=61, Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, grav plates, inertial comp
Other: Fuel=31170kl, Cargo=0, Missile Magazine=2500kl (100 battery rounds), Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purifier (18hrs), ObjSize=Large, EmLevel=Strong Notes: Fuel Consumption at full power 138kl/hr, at 21% power (full maneuver and life support) 29.3kl/hr, 21600kl per Jump-3

Author: R.S.Dean