Collace Brightside Class Privateer (Military Starship)

Three vessels of the Brightside class were constructed as a private venture on Collace prior to the outbreak of the Fifth Frontier War. At the outbreak of the War, the Collace government nationalized the ships, which were then operated by their originally trained crews under the navy flag. The ships (renamed Ranger, Enterprise and Fortunate by the navy) were operated as commerce raiders in the Glisten sector. Ranger was captured while docked at Glisten, Enterprise destroyed at Overnale, and the final fate of the Fortunate is unknown. It is suspected that it was destroyed in a jump accident after being damaged in an engagement with local defense forces at New Rome.

CraftID: Brightside class privateer, TL13, MCr546.7
Hull: 540/1350, Disp=600, Config=1SL, Armor=40F, Loaded=9016t, Unloaded=8168t
Power: 61/122, Fusion=8235MW, Duration=24days
Loco: 60/1200, Maneuver=4 (Thrusters=42.9kt), 22/44, Jump=3, Cruise=750kph, Max=1000kph, TrueAcc=4.76G, Agility=4
Comm: Radio=System*2, LaserComm=System*2, MaserComm=System*2
Sensors: EMS Active(FarOrbit)*2, EMS Jammer(Far Orbit), EMS Passive(Interstellar)*2, HighPenDensitometer (100m), Neutrino Sensor(100kw), ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PassObjScan=Diff, PassObjPin=Diff, PassEnScan=Rout, PassEnPin=Diff
              Missile=x03     BeamLaser=x04
          Batteries     1                 4
          Bearing       1                 4
          Batteries        1
          Bearing          1
Control: Computer Mod7*3, 4*HeadsUpHoloDisplay, 80*HoloLink
Accom: Crew=19 (2 bridge, 2 engineer, 3 gunners, 3 flight, 6 troops, 2 command, 1 medic), Staterooms=10, Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, grav plates, inertial comp
Other: Fuel=4255.2kl (Jump-3+24 days), Cargo=103kl, MissileMagazine=30kl(100b-r), Fuel Purifier (72hrs), Fuel Scoops, SubCraft=Armed Launch, ObjSize=Average, EmLevel=Faint

Author: R.S.Dean