Admiral Bertil Modified Type M (Military Starship)

The Admiral Bertil is a specially modified Type M liner, overhauled at Lunion in 1117 for an independent mercenary fleet. As much of the outward appearance of the original vessel was retained as possible. Major changes were made to the control and sensor systems (upgraded to a Model 7 computer, which resulted in a reduction in the required operating crew to two men), and the cargo/living spaces, which were reconfigured into a launch/service bay for six Raptor class landers and accommodations for 78 crewpersons. The cost given below includes the price of the landers. Power allocation is such that the lasers cannot be operated at the same time as the grav plates and the inertial compensators.

CraftID: Admiral Bertil, TL13, MCr606.8
Hull: 540/1350, Disp=600, Config=4SL, Armor=40F, Loaded=10625t, Unloaded=3912t
Power: 14/28, Fusion=1800MW, Duration=30days
Loco: 11/22, Maneuver=1, 22/44, Jump=3, NOE=40kph, Cruise=750kph, Max=1000kph, Agility=1
Comm: Radio=System, Laser=System, Maser=System
Sensors: EMS Active(Planetary), EMS Passive(Substellar), Neutrino Sensor (100kw), High Pen Densitometer (100m), ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PassObjScan=Diff, PassObjPin=Diff, PassEnScan=Rout, PassEnPin=Diff
              Missile=x03     BeamLaser=x04
          Batteries     3                 1
          Bearing       3                 1
          Batteries        2
          Bearing          2
Control: Computer Mod7*3, 2*HeadsUpHoloDisplay
Accom: Crew=78 (1 bridge, 2 medic, 1 engineer, 24 flight, 48 troops, 2 command), Staterooms=39, Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, grav plates, inertial comp
Other: Fuel=2340kl, Cargo=417kl (30.8t), Missile Magazine=45kl (90b-r), Fuel Scoops, ObjSize=Average, EmLevel=Moderate

Author: R.S.Dean