Cryshawk class Gunboat (Military Starship)

The Cryshawk class gunboat is a small, jump-capable vessel intended for a wide range of small craft duties, including close orbital support and convoy escort on routes not exceeding Jump-2. Originally developed for the Imperial Navy during the Civil Wars, the design has been a standard IDP available for planetary and regional navies for over three hundred years. Due to their low crew requirements, Cryshawks are often found as extra ships in starmerc organizations.

CraftID: Cryshawk class Gunboat, TL13, MCr287.4 (MCr230 discount)
Hull: 270/675, Disp=300, Config=1AF, Armor=49F, Loaded=6253t, Unloaded=6103t
Power: 34/68, Fusion=4500MW, Duration=24.4days@full power
Loco: 38/76, Maneuver=5 (Thrusters=29250t), 9/18, Jump=2, TrueAcc=4.68G, MaxSpeed=3150kph, Cruise=2362kph, NOE=40kph, Agility=4
Comm: Radio=System*2, LaserComm=System*2, MaserComm=System*2
Sensors: EMS Active (Far Orbit)*2, EMS Jammer (Far Orbit), EMS Passive (Interstellar)*2, Neutrino Sensor (100KW), High Pen Densitometer (100m), ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PassObjScan=Diff, PassObjPin=Diff, PassEnScan=Rout, PassEnPin=Diff
             BeamLaser=xx4      Missile=x03      FusionGun=x04
           Batteries     1                1                  1
           Bearing       1                1                  1
Control: Computer Mod7*2, Mod7fib*1, 2*HeadsUpHoloDisplay, 40*HoloLink
Accom: Crew=3 (1 bridge, 1 engineer, 1 gunner), Staterooms=3, Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, grav plates, inertial comp
Other: Fuel=2075kl, Cargo=0, MissileMagazine=9kl (30b-r), Fuel Purifier (12hrs), Fuel Scoops, ObjSize=Avg, EmLevel=Avg Note: 20% power required to maintain 1-G maneuver and full life support

Author: R.S.Dean