Raptor Combat Lander (Military Aircraft)

The Raptor is designed as a multi-function vehicle, for interface military operations. Capable of serving as a space or air fighter, it is also equipped to land a squad of 12 infantrymen (preferably battle dress equipped). Endurance was sacrificed to provide the other desired operating features. The Raptor carries a space-rated triple missile turret as well as a remotely operated 100MW pulse laser belly turret.

CraftID: Raptor Combat Lander, TL13, MCr57.5
Hull: 19/48, Disp=20, Config=1AF+turret, Armor=60F, Loaded=1018.4t, Unloaded=1014.4t
Power: 5/10, Fusion=576MW, Dur=36hrs
Loco: 7/14, StdGrav=4500t, Max Speed=3090, Cruise=2317, NOE=170, MaxAccel=3.4G, Space Agility=2
Comm: Radio=System, LaserComm=System, MaserComm=System
Sensors: EMM EMS Active(Planetary), EMS Jammer(Planetary), EMS Passive(Substellar), Low Pen Densitometer(50m), Neutrino Sensor(100kw), ActObjScan=Diff, ActObjPin=Diff, PassObjScan=Diff, PassObjPin=Diff, PassEnScan=Routine, PassEnPin=Diff
                     Pen/          Max     Auto   Dngr
                     Attn    Dmg   Range   Tgts   Spc  Sig ROF
   100MW Pulse Laser  59/4   100   Reg(250)  3      -   L   80
          Batteries  1
          Bearing    1
Point Defense Targeting for Laser, DefDM+7
Control: Comp3*3, HeadsUpHoloDisplay*1, HoloLink*26
Accom: Seats=Roomy*16 (Commander, Pilot, Gunner, 13 passengers), Env=Basic env, basic ls, grav plates, inert comp
Other: Fuel=11.52kl, Cargo=3.2kl, Missile Magazine=10 battery-rounds, ObjSize=Avg, EmLevel=None

Author: R.S.Dean