Glyptodon Walker Tank (Military Landcraft)

The Glyptodon is an experimental vehicle produced by LSP for the planetary army of Lunion. Ordered in very small quantities, it is used by specialized mountain warfare units for operations in very rough terrain.

CraftID: Glyptodon Walker Tank, TL13, Cr4,662,000
Hull: 5/12, Disp=5, Config=4USL+turret, Armor=60F, Loaded=286.2t, Unloaded=285.8t
Power: 1/2, Fusion=60MW, Dur=5/15
Loco: 2/4, Legs=6, P/W=209, RoadSpeed=268kph, OffRoad=161kph
Comm: Radio=Planetary, LaserComm=Continental
Sensors: EMM EMS Active(Regional), EMS Passive(Interplanetary), Neutrino Sensor(1MW), LowPenDensitometer(50m), ActObjScan=Diff, ActObjPin=Diff, PassObjScan=Diff, PassObjPin=Diff, PassEnScan=Routine, PassEnPin=Diff
                  Pen/          Max     Auto   Dngr
                  Attn    Dmg   Range   Tgts   Spc    Sig   ROF
Fusion Gun FY-13  71/5     30 VDist(21)  2      -     H     40
2*5MW Beam Laser  30/3     12 VDist(25)  2      -     L     40
Control: Comp1*1, HeadsUpHoloDisplay*1
Accom: Seats=Adequate*1 (Commander), Env=Basic env, basic ls
Other: Fuel=6kl, Cargo=0, ObjSize=Avg, EmLevel=Faint

Author: R.S.Dean