Horosho Intercity Cargo Track (Civilian Landcraft)

The weather on Horosho makes travel by grav vehicle dangerous and uncertain, and communications between arcologies are maintained by a fleet of passenger and cargo crawlers, capable of travelling the distance between two typical settlements in less than twelve hours even if the roads are blocked by mudslides or other transient terrain phenomena.

The cargo version of the track includes extended duration accommodations for the crew, which are occasionally necessary when the heavier vehicles are prevented from moving offroad. In addition, no redundant control computer is carried, since a breakdown in the absence of passengers is not considered to be a serious problem.

CraftID: Cargo Track, TL10, Cr1,856,700
Hull: 45/113, Disp=50, Conf=4USL, Armor=4E, Loaded=752.0t, Unloaded=355.4t
Power: 1/2, Fusion=18MW, Dur=18.2days
Loco: 14/28, Tracks, P/W=44, Road=138kph, Offroad=83kph
Comm: Radio=Continental(5000km)*3
Sensors: AllWeatherRadar=VDist(50km), Synthetic Vision, ActObjScan=Diff, ActObjPin=Diff
Control: Comp0, DynLink*40
Accom: Crew=2 (driver, relief driver), Seats=ExtOccRoomy*2, Bunks*2, Env=basic env, basic ls, ext ls
Other: Fuel=7.9kl, Cargo=396kl, ObjSize=Avg, EmLevel=Faint

Author: R.S.Dean