Tiger Hybrid Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Military Aircraft)

The Tiger is designed to perform the functions of both an infantry carrier and a light/medium tank under a variety of combat conditions. It is particularly popular among mercenary units because of the comparatively low cost. Maintenance compatibility with a range of support vehicles is also a popular feature. The entire crew including the eight man infantry squad has been provided with roomy seats to facilitate egress under combat conditions. One of the machine guns is manned by the infantry crew, and the second is manned by the vehicle commander.

CraftID: Tiger Infantry Combat Vehicle, TL10, Cr4,842,000
Hull: 6/15, Disp=6, Config=4SL+turret, Armor=50E, Loaded=163.8t, Unloaded=154.7t
Power: 1/2, Fusion=40MW, Dur=15/45
Loco: 1/2, StdGrav, Thrust=280t, TopSpeed=840kph, Cruise=630kph, NOE=140kph, MaxAccel=0.7G
Comm: Radio=Planetary, LaserComm=Regional(500), MaserComm=Regional(500)
Sensors: EMM EMSActive=Regional(500), EMSPassive=Continental(5000), ActObjScan=Difficult, ActObjPin=Difficult, PassEnScan=Formidable
                      Pen/          Max     Auto  Dngr
                Ammo  Attn    Dmg   Range   Tgts  Spc  Sig ROF
A-10 Plasma Gun   -   44/5    20  VDist(5.1) 2    15    H  40
*5.5mm Gatling 30000   2/3     3    Dist     7     -    H 1280
Control: Comp Mod0*2, HeadsUpDisplay*1,DynLink*44
Accom: Crew=11(Commander, Gunner, Driver, 8*infantry), Seats=Roomy*11, Env=basic env, basic ls, ext ls
Other: Fuel=10.8kl, Cargo=8kl, ObjSize=Avg, EmLevel=Faint

Author: R.S.Dean