Whippet Ground Car (Civilian Landcraft)

The Whippet is an inexpensive basic transportation design, suitable for use in urban areas and on improved roads. The use of a fuel cell allows sufficient fuel to be carried for extended operations between refills--low maintenance being one of the selling points of the design.

CraftID: Whippet Ground Car, TL10, Cr2799
Hull: 1/2, Disp=1, Conf=4USL, Armor=1E, Loaded=1.3t, Unloaded=0.5t
Power: 1/2, Fuel Cell=0.05MW, Dur=30days
Loco: 1/2, 4 wheels, P/W=38, Road=157kph, Offroad=47kph
Comm: Radio=Distant(5km)
Sensors: 2*Headlights
Control: Elec*1
Accom: Seats=Adequate*4, Env=basic env
Other: Fuel=0.216kl, Cargo=0.8kl, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Moderate

Author: R.S.Dean