Akian Lancer Medium Tank (Military Landcraft)

The Lancer is a conventional tracked fighting vehicle used by second line troops on Aki. Variations on the basic Lancer hull include the Longbow self-propelled artillery piece.

CraftID: Lancer Medium Tank, TL9, Cr356,000
Hull: 3/8, Disp=3, Config=4USL+turret, Armor=40D, Unloaded=59.3t, Loaded=76t
Power: 1/2, MHD=3.2MW, Dur=4/12
Loco: 1/2, Tracks, P/W=42, Road=126kph, Offroad=50kph
Comm: Radio=Regional(500), LaserComm=VDist(50)
Sensors: 2*Headlights, Passive IR, Light Amplification, Radar=Dist(5), ActObjScan=Form
Hardpoints=1, Weapon Stabilized to 100kph
                       Pen/        Max      Auto Dngr
            Ammo  Rds  Attn  Dmg   Range    Tgts Spc   Sig  ROF
2cm HV Gun  KEAP  75    34    12  Dist(22)   -    -     M    7
            HEAT  -     42    12  Dist(22)   -    -     M    7
             HE   -     20    16  Dist(22)   -    35    M    7
  HMG        -    600   6/3    3 VLong(1.5)  3    -     H   80
Control: Elec*64
Accom: Crew=3 (Commander, Driver, Gunner), Seats=Adequate*3, Env=basic env, basic ls
Other: Fuel=13.4kl, Cargo=0, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Moderate

Author: R.S.Dean