Akian Shellback Armored Car (Military Landcraft)

A light armored vehicle deployed in second-line reconnaissance and security units. Frequently modified to include a machine gun operated by the vehicle commander.

CraftID: Shellback Armored Car, TL9, Cr136,200
Hull: 2/5, Disp=2, Config=4USL, Armor=30D, Unloaded=21.5t, Loaded=25.8
Power: 1/2, MHD=1.6MW, Dur=2/6
Loco: 1/2, Wheels=8, P/W=62, Road=155kph, Offroad=47kph
Comm: Radio=Regional(500km)
Sensors: 2*Headlights
Hardpoints=1, Weapon stabilized, 100kph
                     Pen/         Max    Auto   Dngr
          Ammo  Rds  Attn   Dmg   Range  Tgts   Spc    Sig   ROF
cm HV Gun KEAP  140   29     9    16km    -      -      M    12
           HE    -    16    12    16km    -      30     M    12
Control: Elec*24
Accom: Crew=3 (Driver,Gunner,Commander), Seats=Adequate*3, Env=basic
Other: Fuel=3.5kl, Cargo=0.8kl, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Moderate

Author: R.S.Dean