Aircraft Carrier (Military Watercraft)

The aircraft carrier is a common vessel in numerous wet navies.

Remarks: Since there is no design system (yet) for water vehicles, I was forced to wing it. The following values were used for ship components:

Suspension: None

Transmission: 2*tracked transmission of equal tech level

Catapult: 1 ton per ton of largest aircraft to be launched,

1kl/ton, Cr2000/ton. Power ignored (lots of steam available)

Elevator: 3*volume of largest aircraft to be moved (I used wings

unfolded, but maybe folded would be a better assumption),

0.5ton/kl, Cr2000/kl

Hangar: Each aircraft allocated 1.3 times wing folded space, 150cr/kl

(analogous to usual small craft requirements)

Crew: What fit. Starship rules don't work, and I haven't got a good

idea of what all the thousands of sailors on a real aircraft

carrier do.

Environmentals: Power requirements of anything beyond basic environment

are too high to be considered. I can't imagine galleys,

etc., taking up all the power needed for extended ls.

peed was chosen first, and then power plant size necessary to produce it was calculated using a series of formulas from Mark's Mechanical Engineers Handbook. I've been assuming that a SL conf hull is needed, that armor 6 is minimum to assure structural integrity, and that at least 1/3 of the total volume must be above water. (i.e. max wt in tons = 0.66*displacement in kl) Any comments from a real naval architect would be appreciated. Hull form coefficients were taken from a table based on my perception of the most similar type of vessel listed. I won't copy the formulas here, because you eventually need a factor that comes off a chart, which I can't copy.

I will eventually upload a few escorts and the air group. I am working under the assumption that STOL airframes are needed for carrier use, partly because of the actual landing length available, and partly to account for the more rugged airframe needed for catapult takeoffs and arrested landings.

CraftID: Aircraft Carrier, TL8, Cr235,914,000 (not incl. aircraft)
Hull: 6300/15750, Disp=4000, Conf=3SL, Armor=30B, Loaded=54716t, Unloaded=39317t
Power: 7/14, Fission=210MW, Dur=20yrs
Loco: 7/14, Twin Screw, Max Speed=65kph, Cruise=48kph
Comm: Radio=Planetary
Sensors: AllWeatherRadar=Planetary, RadarJammer=Continental, ActAudio=Dist, ActObjScan=Diff, ActObjPin=Diff, ActAudScan=Form, ActAudPin=Form
6*6-barrel 20mm autocannon (300000rds), 4*HeavySAM
          (80 missiles)
Control: Comp1*3, ElecLink*2500
Accom: Crew=800, Small Staterooms*400, Env=basic env
Other: Fuel=4.2kl, AircraftFuel=10000kl, AirOrdnanceMagazine=2760kl, Aircraft=30*40ton, 30*24ton, 10*20ton, 2*Elevators, 4*Catapults, ObjSize=Avg, EmLevel=Moderate

Author: R.S.Dean