40 ton Ion Drive Module (Civilian Spaceship)

The ion drive module provides minimal thrust with long endurance.

CraftID: 40 ton ion drive module, TL8, MCr10.54
Hull: 36/90, Disp=40, Config=3USL, Armor=40C, Unloaded=1331.2t, Loaded=1389.7t
Power: 2/4, Fission=17MW, Dur=2yrs
Loco: 32/64, IonDrive=1.6tons, Duration=508 days
Comm: Radio=Dist*3
Sensors: none
Control: Computer Mod0*3, ElecLink*240
Accom: none
Other: NuclearFuel=0.068kl, IonReactionMass=39.03kl (58.5t), ObjSize=Avg, EmLevel=Moderate

Author: R.S.Dean