Nightowl Medium Transport Helicopter (Civilian Aircraft)

The Nightowl is based on the Nighthawk attack helicopter airframe. It is intended to provide rapid transport of troops in reaction to enemy movements on the battlefield. The Nightowl carries two machine guns in flexible mounts at the side doors, and has the capability of carrying two rocket pods for prelanding suppressive fires. It would ordinarily be accompanied attack helicopters as part of an integrated airmobile operation.

CraftID: Nightowl Medium Transport Helicopter, TL8, Cr370,400
Hull: 32/80, Disp=35.6, CleanWt=8t, FullLoad=13.2t, Airframe=Simple, Armor=cockpit*1
Power: 1*3.3MW high performance gas turbine
Loco: 4/10*2, Main and tail rotor, Lift=13.2t, thrust=3.3t, Endurance=1.6hrs

MaxAccel Drag MaxSpeed Cruise Range Agility

Clean 0.35 2 294 220 352 0

Loaded 0.33 4 288 216 346 0

SlingLoaded 0.21 10 216 162 259 0

Comm: Radio=Regional(500)
Sensors: Radar=Dist(50), PassIR, Light Amp, ActObjScan=Form, ActObjPin=Form
2*inboard hardpoints, 2*flexible mounts with light machine guns
and 2000rds. Typical external ordnance load=2*12cm rocket pods
Control: Simple
Accom: Crew=2 (Pilot), Complex armored cockpits*1, TroopSection*12, Env=Basic env
Other: Fuel=2.54kl, MaxSlingLoad=5t, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Faint Note: Machine gun mounts are operated by embarked troops when required. /TABLE>

Author: R.S.Dean