Nighthawk Medium Attack Helicopter (Military Aircraft)

The Nighthawk helicopter is capable of providing rapid reaction to enemy movements on the battlefield. It is equipped with a rapid fire cannon, and ordinarily carries both precision guided and area effect munitions. It would usually operate in conjunction with scout and transport helicopters as part of an integrated airmobile operation, but is also frequently employed as "flying artillery" in enemy rear areas, and in support of troops beyond the range of conventional artillery.

CraftID: Nighthawk Medium Attack Helicopter, TL8, Cr432,160
Hull: 32/80, Disp=35.6, CleanWt=8t, FullLoad=13.2t, Airframe=Simple, Armor=cockpit*2
Power: 1*3.3MW high performance gas turbine
Loco: 4/10*2, Main and tail rotor, Lift=13.2t, thrust=3.3t, Endurance=1.5hrs

MaxAccel Drag MaxSpeed Cruise Range Agility

Clean 0.34 1 297 223 334 0

Loaded 0.22 9 224 168 250 0

Comm: Radio=Regional(500)
Sensors: Radar=VDist(50), AdvActIR, Image Enhancement, ActObjScan=Diff, ActObjPin=Diff
2*inboard hardpoints, 4*outboard hardpoints, 2*Launch rails,
Remote turret (chin) with 1 6 barrel 2cm autocannon and 1200rd, Typical
external ordnance load=2*1000kg ASM, 4*12cm rocket pods, 2*12cm rockets
Control: Simple
Accom: Crew=2 (Pilot, Gunner), Complex armored cockpits*2, Env=Basic env
Other: Fuel=2.54kl, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Faint

Author: R.S.Dean