Streaker VTOL Test Aircraft (Civilian Aircraft)

The Streaker is designed as a test bed for the modified fixed wing aircraft design system. As such, it includes no weapons or electronics other than control. If you wanted to use it in a game, it would be the sort of thing that would be painted orange and sitting in a hanger someplace, with a bunch of technicians gathered around trying to figure out what just went wrong.

CraftID: Streaker VTOL Test Aircraft, TL8, Cr1,211,550
Hull: 12/30, Disp=2.2, Loaded=18.06t, Unloaded=15.7t, Airframe=Supersonic, Armor=2, MaxLift=40.5t
Power: 2.4MW base, 0.104MW used as electricity, Endurance=4hrs
Loco: 2/4, High performance turbofan, Thrust=80t, MaxSpeed=2880kph Cruise=2160, Range=8640, Agility=9
Comm: none
Sensors: none
Control: Electronic*192
Accom: Crew=2, Seats=Cramped*2, Env=basic env, basic ls
Other: Fuel=3.36kl Note: Designed using the modified aricraft design system proposed by me during the TDR discussions. Of no particular significance otherwise.

Author: R.S.Dean