Model 27 Amphibious Light Tank (Military Watercraft)

The Model 27 is produced by Pegasus Industries of Overnale for export to a variety of local markets. The Model 27 is an amphibious vehicle not intended for heavy combat, and is only armored to withstand hits from 4cm and smaller guns. The vehicle is provided with a sealed environment system to permit operations in NBC conditions. The heavy machine gun is mounted on a pintle alongside the commanders hatch, and the two light machine guns are mounted coaxially with the 10cm gun/mortar and in the bow. The coax machine gun can be fired by the gunner (but not at the same time that the main gun is being fired), and the bow machine gun can be fired by the driver when the vehicle is stationary.

CraftID: Model 27 Amphibious Light Tank, TL8, Cr61,272
Hull: 3/6, Disp=2, Config=4USL+turret, Armor=16C, Unloaded=15.5t, Loaded=17.9t
Power: 1/2, Gas Turbine=1.8MW, Dur=12hrs
Loco: 1/2, Tracks, P/W=100, Road=189kph, Offroad=113kph, Water=11kph
Comm: Radio=Regional(500km)
Sensors: 2*Headlights, Light Amplification, Passive IR
Hardpoints=1, Weapon stabilized, 80kph
                     Pen/         Max    Auto   Dngr
          Ammo  Rds  Attn   Dmg   Range  Tgts   Spc    Sig   ROF
0cm Mortar HE   60    17    14  Dist(6)   -      30     M    27
          HEAP   -    39    10  Dist(6)   -      -      M    27
          KEAPR  -    26    12  Dist(6)   -      -      M    27
    HMG    -    800   6/3    3 VLong(1.5) 3      -      H    80
  2*LMG    -   1600   3/3    3 VLong(1.5) 3      -      H    80
Control: Elec*10
Accom: Crew=3 (Driver,Gunner,Commander), Seats=Roomy*3, Env=Basic env, basic ls
Other: Fuel=1.44kl, Cargo=0, ObjSize=Small, EmLevel=Moderate

Author: R.S.Dean