Dean Files

The setting for Traveller is a vast space. It encompasses not only the Imperium and the known alien states, but far beyond that. The largest scale maps encompass 550 sectors. Very little of this data, naturally, has been detailed in official supplements. For some there are just lists of stars, others only the names of the subsectors, still more only exist as dot-plots. For many years official data files existed, first on GENII, then on sunbane. Sadly these servers are no longer up.

But the fans of Traveller have not been idle. Where names are missing, they have been supplied. Many have painstakingly typed in stars according to dot-plots. The objective of this site is to create a data store in the tradition of the sunbane server. All known astrogation information is to be stored here. If you are aware of data that is not here, please pass it on to me. If you have material that you have fleshed out, I'm more than happy to list it, in absence of official data. The submission method of choice is either through flat GENII format files or through data in Jim Vassilakos'sGalacticformat.

If you have data that has been detailed greater the main world level I am happy to link the listed planets to your website. Or, if you would like your website to have a particular home I'm happy to link it to a planet of your choice.

The data is nominally dated to the fall of the 3rd Imperium. Space precludes storing parallel timeline data so a choice had to be made. This era of data was judged the most widely applicable.

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